Monday, February 6, 2012

Terence Conran Exhibitions

Fuji and I went to the Terence Conran Exhibition at Design Museum in London.
Sir Conran is the most achieved in the world of contemporary design in the UK.
There was lots to see-ish, You should explore his works. I hope it inspires you as it did to us. 


Cups and Cookies

Congratulations for Diamond Jubilee 

It is so cold! And on a day like today, or any another other day really....I love a nice hot coffee and bit of chocolate!
Fuji baked lovely soft choco cookies for us with some crunchy peanuts butter.
(Brownies are undoubtedly one of my all time favourites: she said)
To celebrate the queens 60th year we used our vintage jubilee cups and saucer.  

Maisy seems to be enjoying the snow too!


With three fashion weeks behind (SP, Stockholm and Copenhagen), the 'crazy season' is only starting, I will take you with me in the coming weeks to some of the major fashion events on the planet but as well to a few less-known fashion weeks.

Feb. 9 - 13: NEW YORK Fashion Week
Feb. 14 - 15: OSLO, I'm member of the jury at the Vixen Blog Awards
Feb. 16 - 21: LONDON Fashion Week
Feb. 23 - 27: JAKARTA, Indonesian Fashion Week
Feb. 28: ROMA
Feb. 29 - 7: PARIS Fashion Week
Mar. 8 - 11: LISBON, Moda Lisboa

Rio de Janeiro, January 2012

Saturday, February 4, 2012

vintage cups

I went out with Fuji to London, it was sooo cold but was always fun!!
We went to Angel in north London, and hunted for lovely vintage items.
There were a lot of lovely items in the market, especially these vintage/antique cups.
They make me want to have lots of tea parties with my friends. 

Camden Passage Islington

COPENHAGEN - fashion week a/w 12, day 3, 02/03/12